The following satisfied clients offer their endorsement of Kevin’s consultation service that assisted them successfully in becoming Luxembourg’s citizens:


thumbnail_Annie & Joseph Bichler

ANNIE (Mequon, WI) AND HER SON JOSEPH (New York, New York)
“With Kevin’s assistance, the process was rather simple. His knowledge of all the requirements along with his support at each stage allowed us to proceed with confidence. The journey to citizenship included in a fantastic trip to Luxembourg. We even met our distant cousins there who shared our interest in genealogy. It was a wonderful experience that connected the past to the present while fulfilling lifelong dreams. As a bonus, the next generation in our family will also enjoy the benefit of dual citizenship. What a gift! We are so grateful for Kevin’s help. It is without hesitation that we recommend others to use his services as well.”
(In the posted photo, Annie and Joseph are in the center of the photo, flanked by their Luxembourg cousins Liliane and Remy)

thumbnail_Gary & Diane Burger

Gary & Diane

Dixon, Illinois

“My wife and I relied on Kevin for assistance in obtaining our Reclamation of Luxembourg Citizenship this past year.  Everything went as Kevin suggested it would at the beginning of the process.  He advised us about what the process would be and oversaw what we were doing to retrieve the necessary documents.  He also kept us on target.  Kevin handled the necessary documents required from Luxembourg that we certainly could not have found or obtained without his knowledge or assistance.  He also insured all the translations to French were accomplished and verified that the submitted documents were complete and all in order.  We were confident our submitted application would be accepted as presented – and it was.  It was great working with Kevin and we recommend him as being helpful and a joy to work with.”


KAREN (and her 5 children)

Sugar Grove, Illinois

“We couldn’t have had a better guide for our Dual Citizenship. Kevin helped us through the entire process to complete our applications. He was so patient and explained everything very thoroughly and clearly through each stage. There were no surprises. I almost dropped the ball towards the end of our process. Air tickets had been bought and plans made so it would have been a lot of work for nothing, but Kevin was so calm and prepared and we sidestepped disaster nicely. I had absolutely no problems. We presented our completed applications in Luxembourg August 2, 2016.”


thumbnail_Donna W. at Bierger-Center May 4%2c 2016


Aurora, Illinois

“Kevin did an awesome job of navigating me through the Re-acquisition of Luxembourg Nationality process.  His enthusiasm for his Luxembourg heritage and his experience of helping hundreds of other Luxembourg-Americans obtain Luxembourg citizenship are unique assets.  Kevin walks you step-by-step through the two-stage process.  His stage one and stage two checklists help guarantee first time submission success of your required documents.  When I submitted by citizenship application paperwork at the Bierger-Center in Luxembourg City in May 2016, the government official who handled by application had no issues with my documentation.”




thumbnail_Paul Binsfeld

Paul (and daughter and son)

Scottsdale, Arizona

“Kevin assisted my family and me in securing our Luxembourg dual citizenship and during our interaction with him we greatly appreciated his professionalism, knowledge of the process, connections and the ease of guiding us through the process.  His guidance helped us achieve our goal and made the entire experience very positive and fun.”


 thumbnail_Tom Didier

Tom (and son and daughter)

Port Washington, Wisconsin

“Wow, why would anyone NOT hire Kevin to take advantage of this opportunity!? The entire process was easy, fun and educational. Kevin makes everything simple and does all of the real homework for you. My 2 children and I are now official citizens of Luxembourg and we couldn’t be happier. The trip to Luxembourg was amazing and we certainly look forward to the future as we embrace our Luxembourg citizenship! Thank you Kevin!”


thumbnail_Bob Scholl Family - Cedar Grove WI

Bob (and 2 sons and 2 grandsons)

Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

“I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin if you are considering applying for your Luxembourg dual citizenship.  Kevin was able to seamlessly guide me and my two sons through the intricacies of both the Stage 1 Process to obtain our qualifying original certificate from the Ministry of Justice as well as the Stage 2 Process, which required numerous documents both in English and French translations.  Kevin explains everything very completely and concisely and follows up to make sure you are on track to get what you need, when you need it.  The attached picture shows five of us from three generations in front of the Bierger-Center after we were quickly processed in less than an hour after arrival.  The people at the Bierger-Center know Kevin personally and commented that his Applicants come prepared to make it easy for everyone involved.”



thumbnail_Robert of St. Paul%2c MN dual citizenship group photo at Bierger Center in Luxembourg

Bob (and 9 other family members)

St. Paul, Minnesota

“I highly recommend Kevin as your ‘handler’ if you want to get your Luxembourg dual citizenship.  He is very organized and methodical in his approach, making sure that all the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s crossed within the prescribed time frame.  His telephone explanations of the process were easy to understand and follow.  For any size group, from 1 to 100, his ‘envelope with checklist’ is a must.  His personal relationship with the involved Luxembourg Government people adds an extra measure of confidence.  Our entire process (roughly one year) of stage 1 and stage 2 (final) went off without a hitch.  We are now waiting (six months) for our Luxembourg passports to be available for us to pick up at the Embassy here in the US.”



thumbnail_Dave - Phoenix%2c AZ

Dave (and 2 sons)

Phoenix, Arizona

“My first reaction when I heard about the opportunity to reclaim Luxembourgish citizenship was, ‘that sounds like a complicated, daunting task.’  Thanks to Kevin’s experience, resources and relationship with officials in Luxembourg, the process was painless!  I highly recommend Kevin.”



Keene, New Hampshire

“Kevin helped me reach my goal of acquiring Luxembourg citizenship even though my situation included some unusual challenges. Happy to be a Luxembourger with Kevin’s help and guidance.”


thumbnail_Aric Steffen


New York, New York

“I reached out to Kevin about the Reclamation of Luxembourg Nationality after hearing from my uncle about the fantastic service provided by Kevin in this process. From the very first interaction over email, and especially over the phone, I was impressed with his knowledge on the subject, and the professionalism he brought to this process.  I work in a demanding business environment in New York, and I have to say Kevin holds himself to higher standards than half the people I do business with.  His ability to organize this extensive process into digestible increments made me not only relax about the reclamation, but gave me confidence I would be a Luxembourg citizen in the quickest and easiest way possible.  During my process, there was a minor paperwork inconvenience where I was contacted by the government of Luxembourg which I forwarded to Kevin, who immediately called me to put my concerns at ease and laid out a plan of action to resolve the issue.  His ability to connect with the highest levels of the government in this area was a true value-add.  Beyond his core skillset in this area, he is also a naturally kind individual and someone you feel comfortable talking with for extensive lengths of time.  I have already recommended Kevin and his services to multiple family members who qualify for the Reclamation of Luxembourg Nationality, but I would also recommend him to anyone considering the process.”

thumbnail_Mary Jo

Mary Jo and Son and Daughter

Park Ridge, Illinois

“Our family worked with Kevin throughout the entire citizenship process and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Kevin clearly and thoroughly explained every step of the process. He was very personable, patient and responsive. Most importantly, Kevin’s knowledge of the reclamation of citizenship details, as well as his established relationships with the people in the Ministry of Justice office in Luxembourg, provided a smooth and manageable experience that we would not have been able to do on our own. We highly recommend Kevin!”



Naperville, Illinois

“With all the technicalities and required paperwork having professional direction is a ‘must’ when acquiring one’s dual citizenship.  There is no better at doing this than Kevin Wester.  His depth of knowledge, the contacts he has created and his outstanding communication make citizenship an enjoyable voyage.  From your first phone call until the day your official paperwork arrives, Kevin will be there to translate, process and expedite the necessary forms that the Luxembourg government is expecting.  My citizenship experience was painless and allowed me to enjoy the process while leaving the deadlines and forms to a very qualified individual.  I’m not sure if it would have possible without Kevin’s help.”